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Industrial Domes

Economical and flexible fast storage solution

Product Features

Create a more scientific, reasonable and more humane space technology. The air pressure support in the sealed space, there are no beams and columns inside. The space utilization rate is high, and the air ilm material has the characteristics of flame retardancy, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, etc.

Large span space

Easily complete the 100 meters span, and there is a super large space without beams and columns inside

Low cost

No complicated steel structure and no civil foundation, it can 25-50% compared with traditional buildings

Build fast

Without complex foundation, the construction period is short, and the conventional construction period is about 15 days

Good airtightness

PVDF membrane has good airtightness, it can isolate toxic and harmful gases, and has good corrosion resistance

Security assurance

It has a security system, and the air film building has sufficient evacuation time due to its light weight and long collapse time

Energy conservation

PVDF is coated on the surface of air film building film material, which has high thermal reflectivity and heat dissipation rate and reduces electric energy consumption


Industrial warehousing one-stop solution, internal supporting facilities are efficient and energy-saving


Application solutions for light textile industry, heavy chemical industry, machinery, electronic manufacturing and other scenarios


The solution to provide a customized air dome structure