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In the construction of large-scale building projects, easy installation, green environmental protection and the safety of the building structure have been highly valued. LiRi Air Dome is a company specializing in the field of air membrane structure technology, integrating R&D, design, manufacturing, sales, and operation. In addition, ease of installation is an important consideration in the construction of large-scale building projects. During the construction of large venues, the use of prefabricated and modular design can greatly shorten the construction cycle and reduce the complexity of on-site construction.

Advantages of Air dome

Construction speed:1-2 months
Thermal insulation: Multi-layer thermal insulation system, low air-conditioning energy consumption.
Energy saving and environmental protection: membrane material has light transmittance, purifies airflow, and prevents haze.
Intelligent control: automatic operation
Secondary use: can be relocated, can be dismantled, and installed many times.
Safety performance: no overhead work, no safety risk
Seismic performance: light and flexible structure, good seismic performance.
Investment cost: 30% less than the traditional building structure costs

Green will become an important consideration in the construction of large-scale buildings in the future. LiRi Air Dome is constructed with full consideration of energy saving, emission reduction, resource utilization, and other environmental protection concepts, and adopts an air-bearing design that can be disassembled and reassembled. The seamless indoor design has an intelligent temperature control function to ensure the reduction of energy consumption and emissions.

The airtightness of the Air Dome building is one of its core characteristics and a major advantage over traditional buildings. PVDF membrane is used as the shell of the building, and the shell is supported by the difference of air pressure inside and outside to form the building body. This structural form determines that it must have good airtightness to ensure the stability of the internal air pressure and the normal use of the building.

Our Air Dome Structure mainly uses high-quality architectural membrane materials, which are designed, cut, sewn, and spliced in the factory and shipped directly to the site for installation. The prefabricated production method avoids on-site cutting, welding, and other aspects that may generate construction waste.