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Sports Domes

Light weight, fast construction, movable and relocatable new sports venues

Wide range of uses

It has environmental protection and efficiency, could create a more comfortable space environment





Fast construction

No need the complicated foundation, and the normal construction period is about 15 days

Short construction time, no need for civil engineering and scaffolding, effectively reducing the construction cost

The construction application procedure is simple, could follow the temporary construction standard. There is no need to deal with the construction project planning permit procedures.

Low construction cost

The structure is simple and the cost is one third of that of traditional buildings.

Moreover, it is convenient to dismantle and build, and can be moved at any time and reused.

Safe And Stable

The air dome has strong tear resistance and tensile strength, which can resist the 16-level wind and will not affect its normal use.

A cable net system is added to the outer of the air dome, could disperse the stress on the surface, and the arc and arch design is good for the rain and snow slid automatically.

The automatic control system will automatically increase the pressure in the air dome according to the intensity of the rain and snow, to avoid snow accumulation.

Constant Temperature And Comfort

The air dome intelligent control system will automatically monitor the indoor environment and adjust the temperature at any time.

Independent air handling system has the function of air conditioner to adjust temperature, humidity and purify the air.

At the same time, it has the function of ventilation with the outside.

Energy Saving And Environmental Protection

The air dome adopts PVC material with a transmission rate of 25% of natural light, which does not need lighting in the daytime. The PVDF coating has high heat reflectivity and heat dissipation rate, which greatly reduces the power consumption of cooling or heating equipment.

Modular building design, no need civil engineering, no pollution and waste, in line with green environmental protection standards.


Can be used in basketball courts, football fields, tennis courts, swimming pools, equestrian and other sports scenes

Air Supported Structure for Swimming Pool

As summer is approaching, high temperatures and scorching heat are about to become the main melody of this season. Under the scorching sun, people hope to find a cool summer resort, while air supported building swimming pool cover is such an ideal choice. In recent years, air supported structures have attracted the attention of many swimming enthusiasts with their unique advantages. First of all, the swimming pool maintains a constant temperature inside, and no matter how high the external temperature rises, it always maintains a cool and pleasant environment. Swimming in such an environment not only helps people forget the heat outside but also allows them to swim freely in cool water and enjoy the fun of swimming. Air supported…


Indoor Sports Dome

In terms of variable weather, compared with outdoor events, an indoor sports dome is more convenient. As a newly released structure, the advantage is that it not only achieves fast built-up goals in a short time and low cost but also conforms to the concept of green building. Liri indoor sports dome can be flexibly adapted to a random venue and totally utilize existing venue resources. This structure can also customize a multi-functional air-film sports venue. The overall size of this indoor sports dome of the above project is 24*72m. It is built on the original playground lawn, which not only retains the original outdoor track but also increases the indoor sports space. The interior of the structure is divided…


Table Tennis Inflatable Air Dome

The inflatable air dome is used for the table tennis stadium, it not only provides a larger training venue, but also the environment inside the air dome is incomparable to ordinary buildings. As a building that does not need support, the air dome breaks through the span scale of 100 meters to easily create a larger space, and its length can be extended indefinitely. There is no need to worry about the problem of limited venues. It can allow multiple groups of athletes to train at the same time and conduct different sports training in separate areas to plan the internal space at will. The appearance of air domes has provided considerable help for the construction of sports venues. Its…


Tennis Dome

The uncontrollable factor of the weather has always been the trouble of sports enthusiasts. High temperature in summer is easy to suffer heatstroke, and cold in winter is easy to catch a cold; In order to deal with these uncontrollable factors, indoor gymnasium has become the choice of most people. The reason why most people don’t like indoor sports is that the air is hot and the court is too small to perform better. Especially for tennis, a larger court is needed. Because of the size, ordinary indoor tennis courts have few courts and often have no location. Aiming at the problem of the site area and indoor environment, the air dome tennis stadium developed by Liri Air Dome Technology…


Hockey Air Dome

Generally, the indoor temperature of ice hockey needs to be kept at minus 7.5 degrees Celsius. The ice hockey stadium with traditional buildings not only has a high construction cost, but also has a high operating cost in the later period. It is a sports project with high capital cost requirements. When the air dome building is used in the construction of ice hockey stadiums, the air dome building is obviously superior to the traditional building, and the construction cost of the air dome building is only one third of that of the traditional building, which greatly reduces the cost pressure, and the advantages of the air dome ice hockey stadium become more and more obvious in the later operation….


Air Dome for Badminton

Badminton is a sport that is suitable for all ages. There are many people who love badminton. Compared with other sports, badminton is light in weight, and even a little wind will be affected the outdoors, and it has high requirements for outdoor weather. Because of this, more and more people gradually move their venues to indoor badminton halls. However, as we know that a badminton hall needs a spacious and high space. If we use a traditional building for it, the cost is too high and the construction period is long, which is not the best choice. The air dome from LIRI is undoubtedly a better choice. The air dome building has the advantage of large spans, which is…


Basketball Sports Dome

With the popularity of the air dome structure, more and more people choose to build sports basketball venues with air dome structures.


Soccer Domes

Soccer domes help solve the problem of football activities in bad weather, and also provide professional football venue.


Pool Dome

Swimming has always been a sport for all ages, and it is also a favorite aerobic exercise. Generally speaking, indoor swimming pools can provide a better swimming experience. But the cost of building an indoor swimming pool is high and the construction period is too long, so most of indoor swimming pools are not large, once they get crowded, there are no enough space for swimming. In order to solve the problem of high cost and long construction period, Liri Air Dome will be a good solution. It comes with large span, low cost and fast construction period. You can you build an indoor swimming pool with low cost in a short time. The Pool Dome is mainly based on…



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