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What is the life expectancy of an air dome?


Air Dome structure , sounds like it has some connection with light and fragile balloon. But in fact, it uses high-tech membrane materials and precision support system, relying on air pressure to form a stable structure, which is strong and flexible. It can withstand severe weather, ensure internal safety and comfort, and it is energy saving and environmental friendly, short construction period, widely used in stadiums and other places, showing the innovative power of modern architecture. Renowned Air Dome Buildings Cinerama Dome The Cinerama Dome, located in Los Angeles, USA, has a floor area of more than 100,000 square meters. This large-scale building is constructed with an air membrane structure that takes the shape of a flowing wave. The lightness and flexibility of the membrane structure allows for 360° panoramic movies and ensures its long-term stability. (Built in 1963 and opened to the public, it has a history of 61 years) Tokyo Dome Tokyo Dome has a history of more than 35 years since its completion in 1988. As a masterpiece of Japanese membrane structure, it has not only undertaken various competitions and performances all over the world, but also withstood the test of many natural disasters. Tokyo Dome adopts the flexible inflatable cable membrane structure, and the membrane surface appears as a rounded surface under the overpressure inside the building (the internal air pressure is 0.3% higher than the external one), which shows its good durability and stability. Chaoyang Park Air Dome Tennis Center As an early air dome building in China. It is constructed with high-strength flexible membrane material, and in order to maintain the stability of the structure, a steel cable system is used for reinforcement, and the whole air membrane structure is fixed on the concrete foundation through the anchoring system. Dutch Museum of Freedom The…


Key Features of Inflatable Sports Domes


The inflatable sports dome, as an outstanding representative of modern stadium structures, is attracting a lot of attention in the sports field with its unique design and structural characteristics. Below, we will analyse in detail the main features of LIRI’s inflatable sports dome. Building materials and structural advantages: The inflatable sports dome is mainly composed of air support and membrane materials. This structure is light and can achieve an extra-large span, providing athletes with a wide range of sports space. The beamless design allows for the full utilisation of space within the arena and ensures that athletes are able to move freely without any obstruction during a match or training session. Intelligent ventilation and temperature control system: Equipped with an excellent intelligent ventilation system, the air pressure inside the air membrane and the coordination of the air supply system ensure stable and quiet indoor air flow, creating a comfortable sports environment for athletes The temperature control system is able to adjust the temperature and humidity in the arena according to the actual demand, maintaining constant sports conditions regardless of seasonal changes and enhancing the athletes’ sports experience. Efficient and user-friendly lighting system: The unique secondary reflection lighting design ensures that the light in the hall is evenly distributed and soft, avoiding the impact of shadows and glare on athletes. This lighting system not only meets the needs of daily training, but also complies with the illumination standards of international competitions, providing a clear and bright visual environment for athletes. Energy saving, environmental protection and low maintenance cost: The membrane material used has high strength and good flexibility, can withstand all kinds of severe weather and extend the service life of the venue. The membrane material has self-cleaning properties, reducing the cost of cleaning and maintenance. At the same time, the…


Energy Consumption of the Air Domes


The Air Dome has brought revolutionary changes to modern sports space with its unique structure and design. Its main features and advantages are as follows: High-efficiency materials: The membrane material is usually made of polyester fiber material, which is not only strong and flexible, but also has good UV protection and heat reflection properties. This material can effectively isolate the external cold and hot temperatures, reduce the burden on the internal AC system, and thus reduce energy consumption. Intelligent control system: We are equipped with an advanced intelligent control system that integrates functions such as fresh air, pressure replenishment, and air circulation in the Air Dome. Through intelligent control, the system can sense changes in the internal environment of the building in real time and automatically adjust the operating status of the equipment to achieve precise energy saving. Natural lighting: The top of the Air Dome can be designed with fully transparent or translucent membrane materials to achieve natural lighting. During the day, by making full use of natural light, the use time of lighting equipment can be reduced, further reducing energy consumption. Modular equipment: The Air Dome has a simple structure and modular equipment. This means that the type and quantity of equipment can be flexibly selected according to actual needs, avoiding unnecessary waste and energy consumption. Energy consumption analysis Regarding the energy consumption of Air Dome, we can analyze it from the following aspects: Inflation equipment: Inflation equipment is usually equipped to maintain internal air pressure balance. A 2,000 square meter Air Dome sports stadium may be equipped with two 5.5KW inflation equipments. Under normal operating conditions, a single inflation equipment works at low frequency. According to 30% of the rated power, the inflation equipment energy consumption is about 40KW·h per day, and 1200KW·h per month. Lighting system:…


5 reasons for using an air-supported structure


In recent years, due to the rapid growth of sports, events, exhibitions, industrial storage, and other sectors, there has been intense competition for resources in the market, leading to a rise in competition. From the establishment to the completion of a construction project, we must consider not only safety and cost, but also time cost and output ratio. In terms of large-scale building construction and application, the rapidly emerging air-supported structure industry is emerging, which has obvious advantages over traditional buildings. 1. Lightweight material The air-supported structure mainly uses lightweight materials, such as the 1000-1500gsm PVC membrane with PVDF surface. It has weather resistance, antifouling properties, processability, water resistance, light transmittance, and more. The structure is lightweight, reducing the building’s overall weight and the required foundation capacity. This simplifies the design and construction of the foundation. 2. Quick construction and flexible movement The air-supported structure has the greatest advantages of short construction period, disassembly and secondary use. Breaking the conventional model of traditional buildings, the installation of air-supported structure is simple and fast, which greatly shortens the construction time compared with traditional buildings. Generally, the construction of the main structure can be completed in about one month. The air dome is easy to disassemble, assemble and relocate, and is highly adaptable. It can be rearranged or repurposed as needed to achieve effective reuse of resources. 3. Energy saving and eco-friendly Membrane materials have good thermal insulation properties, effectively isolate the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, and reduce energy consumption of air conditioning and heating systems. And the light transmittance of the membrane is also very good, making full use of natural lighting during the day and reducing the need for artificial lighting. The production and construction process of the membrane material has low noise, no environmental pollution, and no…


How is a air dome structure constructed?


What is different from traditional buildings is that the membrane material part is the main structure of the entire air dome, and the construction method is also different from traditional buildings. The quality of the membrane material determines the quality of the air dome to a large extent. We use high-performance fiber membrane materials with characteristics such as water resistance, thermal insulation, light transmittance, fire resistance, durability, heat resistance, and tear resistance. High-quality air dome structures can be used for 15-20 years, and materials and technology are the keys to the stable and safe existence of air dome structures. In addition to high-quality materials, the construction of the air dome structure is also very important. Below we will introduce how the air dome structure is constructed: The specific construction steps are as follows: Fix the fan, air conditioner, generator, and anemometer in place and perform commissioning Install door systems such as swing interlocking doors, revolving doors, emergency doors, transport tunnels, etc. Carry out ground protection and membrane unfolding work. Membrane material and foundation fixation Install membrane roof cables. Supply air to the inside of the air dome and support the membrane material Fixed between each door system and membrane material Install interior lighting systems After completing the above steps, the basic construction work of the air dome structure is completed. However, in environments with harsh climates or high-temperature requirements, we will also install thermal insulation cotton inside the air dome to achieve constant temperature and temperature control. Once the air dome structure is constructed, it can be put into operation and only requires routine maintenance. With the popularity and development of the air dome structure, Liri Air Dome Technology (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. will provide the market with better products with a professional attitude and technology, demonstrating the future of light,…


Anchoring an air Dome to the Ground


Air Dome as a new type of large temporary building solves the needs of large space and environmental protection issues, so it is very popular in sports, environmental protection, industry, and other fields. Its characteristics of quick construction, tight sealing, and inflatable membrane structure have also attracted the attention of many people. Although the material of the Air Dome is the membrane, its formation is not just as simple as blowing up a ball. Because the Air Dome Structure is based on anchoring systems, so we must do the basic work in primary. Firstly, If you want to build a semi-permanent Air Dome with excellent quality you need to have a huge space. The Air Dome building does not have high requirements on the ground. Whether it is land, grass, or mud. After the ground is leveled, the wiring can be laid out according to the design drawings, after confirming the position, you can prepare for excavation. Depending on the pile driving depth of the foundation, different space and size of the Air Dome usually vary. Generally, more larger more deeper than the foundation. We generally use reinforced concrete beams with inverted T-shaped bases. It can effectively ensure the stability and pull-out resistance of the foundation; after finishing the basic excavation, we will pour the foundation cushion. Secondly, we will tie the steel bars in the foundation on the cushion layer in order to make up for the poor tensile and bending resistance of concrete and improve the tensile performance of the foundation. After the steel bars are tied, we still need to embed the expandable bolts, because the Air Dome structure is connected to the foundation through bolts. Finally, we can carry out the construction of basic forms and frames, which can be regarded as molds for cast-in-place concrete,…


How are air domes made?


How to make air-supported structure? In the field of modern architecture, air-supported structure has attracted widespread attention for its safety, economy, comfort and convenience; completely different from traditional structure, it uses flexible membrane materials as the main sheild material, and uses a set of intelligent The electromechanical equipment provides positive air pressure internally to support the entire structure. Since air domes use fabric membrane as the main material, high-quality materials and processing require strict screening and control. Good fabrdidc membrane materials are fully capable of withstanding severe weather. Liri Air dome structure uses white polyester fiber fabric membrane material in the selection of membrane material, which has tensile strength, tear resistance strength, excellent fireproof and heat insulation effect, and the surface is covered with a solid film, which can solve the problems of weather resistance, antifouling and waterproofing. It is an excellent material that is very suitable for air dome structure. The fabric material needs to go through a series of processes such as production, cutting, membrane arrangement, and high-frequency heat sealing before it can be packaged in the factory and used correctly in the construction of air dome structures. Use an automated cutting machine to import CAD drawings for cutting. The cutting edge is required to be straight. If the surface of the membrane material is covered with a coating, the fabric membrane needs to be polished and removed to keep the width consistent and the surface even and without omissions. The diaphragms need to be pre-typed according to the drawings, and special glue should be used as required to overlap and strengthen at intervals of 200-250mm. Before each heat sealing of the diaphragm, a sample heat sealing experiment is first used to confirm the best parameters for the heat sealing of the fabric material, and then strictly implemented…


Does the Air Dome have air conditioner?


The answer is Yes. The air dome is a type of air supported structure, its wide application in Industry, sports, storage, and commercial events. All through the main body of the air dome relying on the internal air pressure support, it’s a closed building, but it has a very good ventilation effect. The internal breath environment is better than normal traditional structure, the reason is air dome assembly ventilation system. The air film ventilation system uses the principle of displacement ventilation to circulate the air in the room which could create a good indoor sports environment. That’s the reason why air dome is popular in a sports area. Except the good indoor ventilation, in order to make a better comfortable indoor environment, air dome can also install an air conditioning system to adjust the temperature. To make sure to achieve the effect of energy saving and environmental protection, you can also choose the integrated design of ventilation, air inflation and air conditioning, no need to set up other channels, not only the structure is simpler, but also effectively save energy, ensuring fresh indoor air while maintaining a constant indoor temperature state, reaching a comfortable body temperature. With the application of the air dome, the public’s understanding of air-film buildings is getting deeper and deeper. Not only are the costs low and the construction period is short, but they can also be customized according to needs. It is believed that air dome will replace more traditional buildings in the future and become an increasingly popular architectural form.


Why choose a sports dome?


Nowadays, more and more people choose to build multi-functional gymnasiums, and sports dome has gradually come into the public’s sight. Air-dome buildings have been widely used all over the world, such as the main venue of the Vancouver Winter Olympics and Japan’s “Dome” baseball stadium, all of which are large-scale air-film stadiums that can accommodate tens of thousands of people. In America, there are also many rugby clubs that use air-supported structures. Why choose a sports dome? Because it is not only low in construction cost, large in interior space, energy-saving and safe, fully intelligent management system, fast in construction, but also suitable for different sports projects. The internal beamless column relies on the design of air support to make the internal space utilization rate higher, and easily control various large sports venues, and the indoor area can also be divided into venues for multiple sports events. The rapid construction of the air-supported structure has played a certain role in promoting the construction of sports venues. There is no construction waste in the construction process, and its energy-saving and low-carbon advantages have become one of the most popular large-scale venue buildings today.


Cost of Air Dome


The operating cost of the air dome is divided into three parts: energy consumption, cleaning, and maintenance. Fan Under the condition that Air Dome ensures normal operating pressure, a single fan can be operated at low frequency, saving energyenergy consumption. Air conditioner The Air Dome has good sealing performance, and the film material uses a double-layer film, and there is an insulation layer, Whether it is in winter or summer, the indoor can be well kept at a constant temperature, which can save 60% energy consumption than traditional buildings. Lighting The Air Dome can be designed for using natural light during the day with translucent fabric.No need for lighting during the day which greatly saves energy consumption. Cleaning PVDF membrane material has good self-cleaning properties. Even in a heavily polluted environment, it is generally washed by rainwater, the cleaning cost is meager. Maintenance The Air Dome is supported by air and the membrane material has excellent toughness and breaking strength. It is difficult to break under normal circumstances. Only need to do regular inspections of operating equipment, and the maintenance cost is low.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Sports Dome


Advantages: Light structure with large span, quick installation, cost-effective, green, and energy-saving, easy to use, can be disassembled, has 20 years life span, safe, intelligent system management. Disadvantages: high on-site fees, small Sports Dome not cost-effective.


How does an air dome work?


The Air Dome is a big membrane building that needs inflatable support. The wind loading is typhoons above level 12 and has excellent snow load resistance. It is a temporary building that can be relocated or rebuilt at any time, so the Air Dome is regarded as a temporary building when applying for construction. Design The Air Dome can be customized according to customers’ usage requirements and environment, including appearance, shape, size, load, and function. Pre-embedded Treatment on the Site The Air Dome must be embedded with embedded parts to fix the membrane. The anchoring of the Air Dome and the foundation can use angle steel with pre-embedded anchor bolts, usually using pre-embedded screws, and then use angle steel to fix the Air Dome skirt, which can enhance the safety of the Air Dome. Processing Liri Air Dome is a manufacturer with 25 years of production experience. It has complete equipment, advanced production lines, and many workers. The processing technology is mature and the processing speed is fast, providing clients with better quality Air Dome. Installation and Commissioning Work Pack and transport the membrane and equipment to the site for installation and debugging.Usually, the installation and commissioning work can be completed within ten days, then you can start the installation and decoration of the inside.


Does the Air Dome Meet the Requirements of Fire Protection?


Many people may pay more attention to the air dome’s safety issue because of its airtightness, significantly, most of them raised doubts in terms of fire safety. Aiming at tackling this issue, Liri Air Dome has adopted multiple designs and rigorous material selection to guarantee safety. Liri Air Dome has a mature safety system. First of all, its PVDF membrane is the flame-retardant material certified as the B1 level conforming with the European standard. If it’s melted at a high temperature, due to the positive pressure inside the dome, the burning part will form a smoke exhaust skylight and then push the smoke outward. Secondly, the air dome is equipped with multiple fire emergency doors according to its size. It can help people evacuate, and firefighters carry out firefighting work more effectively and orderly. As a structure operated by an intelligent management system that can respond to the exceeded concentration of toxic gases immediately such as smoke, temperature, dust, and gas, the air dome will activate its discharge device when there’s an alarm, thus effectively preventing the smoke from falling. Also, the fire sprinkler installed inside the air dome will quickly open when the fire occurs, and extinguish the fire. Therefore, Liri Air Dome’s mature firefighting facility system and 24-hour monitoring intelligent system can make it easier to carry out firefighting actions in a short time, preventing personnel from responding too late in emergencies. Whether the Air Dome needs to be subject to fire inspection generally depends on the customer’s land use. Generally, it is regarded as equipment and facility procurement or temporary buildings. In most cases, the fire inspection cannot pass according to the fire review. Some cases will be accepted by expert demonstration. At present, The regulations of the Air Dome have corresponding design requirements for fire protection.


What is an air dome?


The air dome uses high-performance fiber membrane materials as the space shell. The membrane materials welded as a whole according to the design requirements are connected to the ground foundation through the anchoring system, and the intelligent electromechanical equipment unit continuously supplies air, so that the air pressure inside the membrane is slightly greater than the air pressure outside the membrane, supporting the super large space without beams and columns inside. It is a new environmental protection, energy-saving and mobile building system that can be built in a short time. Due to the extremely light self weight of membrane materials, the self weight of the air dome is less than 3kg per square meter. Using air pressure to support it and with no internal beams and columns, so it can easily achieve a large-span headroom of more than 100 meters, with a maximum span of 180 meters, which is impossible for traditional building structures. The membrane material of the air dome shows that coated with PVDF, the membrane material has high thermal reflectivity and heat dissipation, and low thermal conductivity, which greatly prevents solar energy from entering the room. At present, it is the best energy-saving and environmental protection material recommended by the membrane construction industry at home and abroad. Intelligent management system (PLC) is the core and brain of air supported structure facilities, which controls the operation of all equipment of the air dome. Realize humanized operation and management, so as to achieve the purpose of safety, fresh air, comfortable environment, energy conservation and environmental protection of air dome facilities. In addition, the safety performance of the air dome is more remarkable. The tensile strength of 0.6mm PVC membrane material is equivalent to that of commonly used steel plates outside buildings, and it is not easy to be damaged….